Month: August 2010

What I did today

Sidra had some friends coming today. Since being in the same room with jumping and screaming little boys is not my idea of fun, I retreated to my sewing room upstairs and looked for things to do. These curves are so challenging and fun at the same time! Loving it so far! Both fabrics are nani IRO by Naomi Ito double-gauze in pocho dots pattern.

Learning to embroider

I taught my husband to embroider last weekend, and he really loves it! For his first project, he made a sketch based on his own illustration, ‘Space Cow’ (whatever it is), and drew it on a tote bag. I made the tote bag sometime ago and it has become my daily grocery bag. It was made from old pillow case, in case that is not pretty obvious. The embroidery was only consisted of simple backstitches, but my husband seemed pretty amazed at the texture and he couldn’t stop feeling the stitches. There were some bumpy stitches at the beginning but […]

Novita dress

I made Novita again! But I didn’t want to make the  same thing and changed it into a dress by simply sewing a wide gathered strip of fabric on the hem. The strip of fabric follow the curved hem, so the front part of my dress is shorter than the back. The fabric is Indonesian cotton with batik prints, the intricate pattern is a variation of Javanese traditional pattern called Parang Rusak (it means: broken sword). This pattern is laid diagonally across the cloth but since my dress is cut on bias, the diagonal pattern turned into sort of striped […]


You might wonder why I would go around screaming my own name like that, but actually it is the name of the pattern that I use for my new top. The fabric is Kokka cotton that I bought in Swany, Kamakura, it was on sale and only 1.3 m left. The bias-cut top pattern is from Tamanegi Kobo, and yes, it has the same name as mine: Novita. Isn’t that awesome? Although that is the most awesome thing (for me!) about the pattern, it isn’t the only one. The pattern is sold as multi-size PDF pattern, just like Burdastyle pattern. […]


We just got back from Kamakura, a beautiful city about 2 hours away from Tokyo. Sidra had really wanted to go to the beach, that was why we went there so we could go to Yuigahama beach nearby. I really love Kamakura, the city is small yet so beautiful. The streets are clean with lots of places to look at. We didn’t go to the beach in the first day and only took a walk around and went to some temple. There are a lot of beautiful temples and statues in this city! I really wanted to go to K?toku-in […]

Blue waves shirts

I bought this cotton fabric in IKEA, it comes ready cut, 150 cm by 3 m. The pattern is called IKEA PS batik, and it is designed by Kazuyo Nomura, a textile designer. So I actually bought a piece of Japanese designer fabric in a Swedish home products retailer in its Tokyo chainstore. The fabric has blue waves on the borders, and I played with them to make a shirt for my husband and a shirt for Sidra. The shirts are similar, but the blue waves are in the opposite places. The patterns are for regular shirts, I changed them […]

Blue bloomers

I have just finished making shirts for my husband and son, but haven’t taken pictures of them being worn yet as I have to wait until this weekend. Anyway, just after I cut all the pieces for both shirts, I found that there are still little fabrics left, just enough for a pair of shorts for myself. I use Jane pattern from Burdastyle and lengthened the legs about 4 cm. The legs of the shorts are on fabric selvedges, so they didn’t have to be hemmed. Then I stitched two rows of elastic shirrings on both legs, turning the shorts […]