3 years

untuk Novita Estiti
to Novita Estiti - from Mamad

cardWe met for the first time on July 12, 2007, after 1.5 years of email exchange. He gave me a handmade card with a little poem on the backside.

Sometime later, I recalled my feeling when I saw his face for the first time and wrote the passage below:

“A smile on a certain face. You were looking up at the face and waiting for it to come down to you. All it needed was only 3 seconds to reach you, but it felt so long yet so soon. You remember every details. The cheeks were a bit pinkish, and you thought that was oh so cute. The corners of his eyes moved as he was smiling, as if his eyes were smiling too. No, not only his eyes, but his face, his body, his whole being were smiling to you. Only to you.

Everything around you receded to a distance as if they were making a space for the two of you. You waited happily at the feet of the stairs in what felt like forever. If you’d had a tail, you’d be wagging it excitedly. The feeling was so strangely familiar that you were amazed you had never felt it before. Suddenly all your hatred and miseries just dissolved like they were never important and you felt so light, so light. It was dizzying and comfortable at the same time. You wanted to share that feeling with everyone in the whole world, even the ones you thought had hurt you and made you sad.”

Have I ever said that I love the man who gave me that feeling?

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