Month: July 2010


Not a very spectacular project, but this thing proves to be very useful in summer. I think it is also called scrunchie, but it is called chou-chou here and I like the name better. I found several tutorials for making chou-chou, but they always involve hand-stitching, which I’m too lazy to do for such a simple thing. Then I see another way of doing it, it is much easier, and more importantly: no hand-sewing! This project only took around 10 minutes to make, and it is also a good way to make use of all the fabric scraps. Here’s how […]

Burdastyle Book Project: finished (ugh, finally)

After days of postponing and slacking around, I’ve finally finished my blouse for Burdastyle Book! Actually I planned to work on it just after the Yokohama Artist Market, which was, errr, 3 weeks ago, but lots of things happened between then and now. Suddenly I found the need to make a couch cover, which by the way was something that I should have made months ago. Then I made a pair of shorts and dress for myself. My husband managed to give me a look of slight disapproval (on my procrastination, not on the clothes), but hey, I was just […]

Soil change for our larva!

Warning: wriggly thing pictures ahead! This morning, the three of us woke up in excitement  because today was the soil change day for our larva! It can only be done every 3-4 months, so this occasion is something that we are always waiting for. It has been almost a year since we bought the larva, and today is the third soil change. The larva is growing slower now, the size is just a little bit bigger than the last time (March 2010), but the body is  a lot firmer. It also moved a lot when I held it, and when […]

Red stripes bags

Summer holiday has officially started since yesterday! It’s also getting hotter and hotter now. Strangely, I never sweat that much. Most of the time there’s only a layer of ‘glow’ over my face while my husband and other people are literally drenched in sweat. Not that it’s a good news. While my powder stay in place, I would get overheated inside, feel bloated and out of breath. It’s awful. I wonder if any of you has the same problem? Anyway, I haven’t made any progress in my Burdastyle Book project, which by the way has to be sent by next […]

One shoulder dress

So I’ve said that I won’t make any floral for sometime, but it turned out that I still have 1.35 m of this floral fabric in my stash, so I made a one shoulder dress for myself. Initially it was cut for a ruffled collar dress, but then I got kinda bored of making it again.  I just made diagonal lines and cut one shoulder off. The ruffles is a wide strip of fabric, then an elastic is inserted inside the top line. I also use selvedges of fabric as hem and edge of the ruffles, no need to finish them! […]

Linen shorts

I made this linen shorts several days ago because I need something to wear at home. The linen fabric is only 50 cm, bought already cut and it’s only about $2. The pattern is Jane from Burdastyle, which is very simple and easy. The fabric wasn’t enough, so I only added 1 cm for the hem and folded it inside, then I sewed a row of cotton lace on it. The cotton lace is from 100 yen shop, talking about cheap project! I kinda like the first picture, it looks like a picture of a pair of limbs without a […]

3 years

We met for the first time on July 12, 2007, after 1.5 years of email exchange. He gave me a handmade card with a little poem on the backside. Sometime later, I recalled my feeling when I saw his face for the first time and wrote the passage below: “A smile on a certain face. You were looking up at the face and waiting for it to come down to you. All it needed was only 3 seconds to reach you, but it felt so long yet so soon. You remember every details. The cheeks were a bit pinkish, and […]

Couch cover

Not a very interesting project, but something that needs to be done. The couch is actually a sofa bed bought from IKEA, I love the simple shape and the neutral navy colour. But after two years of having a little boy jumping on it every single day, it finally showed some signs of deterioration. There is actually a huge tear on the back side of the seater, and it became bigger with every jump on it. I know I should do something about it sooner, but making a couch cover is sooo not appealing! I kept postponing the project for […]

Shop update and my progress on the Burdastyle Book project

I’ve just finished putting all my stuff in the shop! Please check it out and if you’re a petite, there might be something for you there! :: SHOP :: You see that stripes fabric on the picture? The colors remind me of peanut butter and strawberry jam! The fabric is shantung silk that Burdastyle sent me for the Burdastyle Book project. It’s a bit different from what I have in mind, but I think the texture and colours are very pretty. I’ve never worked with this kind of fabric, so I kinda feel excited and nervous at the same time. […]