Émilie Simon!


Last weekend we went to Tower Records Shibuya to buy Émilie Simon‘s newest album, The Big Machine,  and watch her mini show there! She’s a French singer and composer, if you ever watched the movie La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins), she’s the one who composed the original soundtrack. My husband and I love her music, so we were very excited when we heard she was coming to Tokyo. In the clip above, she was singing ‘Flowers’ from her first album, it was the song that made me become a fan in the first place.

Emilie Simon Emilie Simon

The mini show was awesome as expected, the audience was small but very appreciative, no hysterical groupies or anything. I like it that everyone just wanted to watch and hear the music. We got in line to for the CD signing session after the show, and my husband took a picture of Sidra and me with Émilie Simon. My husband is a big fan too, but he was a bit shy, so no photograph of him with Émilie. Unfortunately Sidra was not very impressed with the music, he was like this (-.-). Well, since he enjoys Michael Jackson and Queen, Émilie Simon might be a bit too delicate for his taste.

Emlie Simon!
She's so pretty!

Here’s a music video of her song ‘Dreamland’ from her newest album:


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