Wardrobe inventory

There is an interesting project going on at Zoe’s blog where she would only wear her own handmade clothes for a month. Last month, Zoe challenged herself in the Me-Made-March where she posted her daily handmade outfit and how she coordinated them. And this month, she invited other people to participate. So if you want to participate, you should check it out now because Me-Made-May is about to start, like, in the next couple of days!

I think it’s really a wonderful idea because then we could see how much sewing has taken part in our daily life. Is it merely a hobby, where we make cute stuff that turned out unwearable? Or has it become  a habit where we make things that we really use everyday? As for me, I have come to a point that when anyone sees me, they would assume that my clothes (and my bags) are handmade. It almost make me feel guilty when I wear something store-bought. I really love all my handmade items, they are a part of me. I saw them changed from pieces of fabrics to something that I wear. They grew with me, that’s how I feel about them.

Me-Made-May also has a flickr group for all the participants and I’m really inspired by the wardrobe inventory pictures. After I saw those pictures, I collected my handmade clothes and tried to arrange them for a good picture. But… then I got tired. I got around 30 dresses and other clothings, and some of them… okay, most of them, are laying unironed after washing. I iron them just before I wear them (I know, I know, I’m so lazy!). So after ironing several dresses, I got bored.

To entertain myself, I made a wardrobe inventory for Sidra. There were several boxer shorts, clothes in the dirty laundry basket and clothes that didn’t fit him any more that were not included in the picture. Bags, hats, and scarves were also not included. But the picture really gives an idea of things that I’ve made for him so far. Now I can see that I have a certain colour palette in my head for Sidra’s clothes. And hey, there is no fabric with kid’s pattern there! The one with orange pineapple was made for a Hawaiian-themed occasion. So I guess I only use kid’s fabric for his bags and pouches.

Handmade wardrobe for Sidra

It looks like I need to introduce more colours into his wardrobe. But I usually combine these items with colourful T-shirts, and with kid’s pattern fabric for his bags, it would look too much. Yeah, I might put too much thought into this boy’s outfit, but I used to work as a fashion stylist, putting together various outfits for fashion pages. Now I only have two guys to style, so they have to bear with me. I guess I’m lucky that Sidra and my husband never complained. They even pay particular attention to their own appearance themselves, from clothings to hairstyle. I love my guys ♥

I still want to make that inventory picture for my own wardrobe sometime. It is also a good reason to start ironing all those clothes! *sigh*

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