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It’s springtime!

Last weekend we went for a picnic in a park near our house.



Me and him

Having a good time

Spring boy

Sidra was happy too

Then we went home biking in the nice weather ‚ô•

//Song credit: Kaze ni naru by Ayano Tsuji//

11 Responses to It’s springtime!

  1. Loved the video, loved the song, loved the day…..

  2. Juliet says:

    hey novita! i was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to make a reversible charlie bag. i really want one, but i can’t find a way to make it easy and neat. pretty please?
    you look so nice in the photos. such a nice family.
    lovely spring!!!

    • verypurpleperson says:

      Hi Juliet!
      As a matter of fact, I was cutting fabrics to make a reversible bag when I read your comment. So I will take some pictures when I sew the bag tomorrow. Coming soon! :)

  3. Jenny says:

    What a sweet family you have. There’s nothing more fun than a picnic!

  4. Maria says:

    Hi Novita,

    I loved the pictures and the video as well!

    You’ve also chosen a very appropriate song for your video, it sounds happy and perfect for a spring day.

    Cheers from Toronto

  5. Ivanchika says:

    First photo- priceless, pure LOVE!

  6. satoko says:

    what a cute family… love the video with the song! I am homesick now.

  7. Trudy Callan says:

    What a perfectly lovely day.

  8. ForeverYou says:

    How nice to be home. With all the loved once! I absolutely loved the video! Spring is my favorite time of a year!

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