Things I did in another time of my life

I often got questions about diagrams and drawings that I made for my tutorials, how I make them and what kind of software that I use. Actually I always use CorelDraw, a vector software similar to Adobe Illustrator. It is a drawing program, and not really for pattern drafting. I use it because it’s the one that I’m familar with.

Me in 2004, having a headache because of the deadlines

In my previous life, sometimes I made illustrations for women’s magazines. I like drawings, but I’m not really good with manual drawing. I wish I can just swift brushes and watercolour like my husband, but I’m always too clumsy and everything will be messed around. Drawing with computers are cleaner and simpler, you don’t need anything else but a computer, a mouse, and maybe a cup of coffee by your side, and there’s always that undo button if you make a mistake. I used to work at night doing the illustrations and drank too much coffee. I don’t do those things any more, working at night, the illustrations and the coffee. I kinda missed them sometimes.

There are times that I want to draw again. But then I find it hard to draw when I don’t have assignments and deadlines. And there’s always other things that I need and want to do. Oh, so many interesting things in the world that I want to do! I want to sew, knit, crochet, draw, paint, decoupage, learn to make resin craft, I want to make pretty and cute things. But oh so little time.

So these are some of my old girls. Miss you all!


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