Blue bags and the doomed fate of the birthday shirt

Remember this shirt? It’s a striped shirt that I made for my husband’s birthday a few months ago. Look at how comfortable and casual it looked. Well, the shirt has changed, in fact, it has transformed into this hideous thing!

Please excuse my husband’s pose, but it was his own brilliant idea in order to present a clearer view of the deformed shape. Somehow the body of the shirt has shortened while the width is still the same. Then the armholes have shrunken so it looks like he’s wearing puffed sleeves T.T

Maybe I chose the wrong fabric. But it’s organic cotton knit! Or maybe it should be washed by hand only. I don’t know. I was pretty disappointed, especially because the shirt was his birthday present. But my husband said he loves it anyway and will keep wearing it. Aww ♥♥♥. Of course I won’t allow him wearing the shirt outside the house.

Anyway, Sidra caught a pretty bad cold and couldn’t go to school for a whole week. And when he was beginning to recover, the virus was transferred to the caretaker aka me, so then it was my turn to wake up coughing at night.

But today I finally felt better,  and managed to finish this set of bags for my sister. She wanted a shopping bag and lunch bag that she can carry easily.  I also made a tote bag, she’s a teacher so she can use it for her books. The bags are made from a single piece of cotton tablecloth that I found in a nearby thrift shop. I love finding new uses of thrifted stuff!

The shopping bag has a pair of straps and a big pocket, the bottom is tucked before the sides are sewed. The lunch bag has tucked bottom too, a pair of straps, and drawstrings to keep the lunch safe. The tote bag is just a simple rectangle bag with only one straps. I filled all the straps loosely with rolls of dacron batting to give them a soft and fluffy appearance. Then I put an iron-on little fish on each bag because my sister likes fish image. I don’t know why.

I’m kinda satisfied with these bags but also a bit worried whether she’ll like them or not. Well, they will be sent tomorrow, and I hope she’ll be happy when she opens the package ^.^

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