Month: February 2010

Bib dress

This very pretty embroidered cotton was found in a local fabric store, but unfortunately it was only in a small piece. So I planned to make a bib dress with it, combining it with this denim-like blue cotton/linen fabric. I was ready to draft a pattern myself when I found this Wenlan blouse pattern in Burdastyle, the pattern is actually for a blouse and the recommended fabric is flowy materials like chiffon and silk. My blue fabric is a bit stiff, but I think I can use this pattern for my dress, so I went ahead and bought the pattern […]

Tissue case tutorial

I’ve used my new sewing machine to make these very simple tissue cases from scrap of linen fabrics. They are basically a lined fabric rectangle folded to meet at the center. I make the outer fabric longer than the lining fabric so it automatically folded inside, because I don’t like the lining fabric showing at the edge. It also eliminates the need of topstitching. The tutorial is only two pages, but please tell me if something is not clear in it. Disclaimer: You may use the finished products for both personal and commercial use (craft shops or markets only – no […]

New sewing machine!

The bad news is, my Janome Agneau d’Or Y101 is now officially dead. We took it to a Janome dealer last week, a little shop in a nice small street. A nice woman greeted us and she gasped when we showed her a piece of fabric with loopy stitches on it.  She then tried to move the wheel but it was stuck. It wasn’t stuck before! We told her about my sewing ‘habit’, she seemed impressed and asked permission to take some pictures of things that I made and worn that day, my dress and pencil pouch, Sidra’s jacket and […]

Health talk

Oh I hate not posting about sewing again! But in the past two weeks, my health has been in an on and off mode. Sidra caught the virus first, and as usual I caught it from him. My husband, who is stronger, caught it later. As a result, after Sidra and I got better, I caught the virus again from my husband. Bummer. My back pain is also worsening, so recently we went to an orthopaedist to get it checked. The last time it was checked was when I was in junior high school. Yikes! That was when I got […]

Sidra in Sesame magazine – Spring issue 10

These pictures are from Sesame magazine, spring issue 2010, that was published this month. Sidra participated in  a picture article featuring children from several countries. That’s one page of him in the traditional Javanese clothes and a little interview on the side. The pictures were taken last month at Sesame studio. I really love this magazine, not (just) because Sidra were in the magazine several times, but because the clothes are always unbearably cute! Sometimes I had ideas for my own outfit from this kid’s fashion magazine. Anyway, here’s a loose translation of Sidra’s interview: Sidra – Indonesia Shidora-kun Q What do you […]

Red pants

S: Mama, I want a gold pants. M: A gold pants? Why?? S: Because Maikeru Jakuson wears one. M: But where will you wear the gold pants to? S: I’ll wear it anywhere, to supermarket, to school…. Since I couldn’t bear the thought of him walking to school in gold pants, I tried to offer several alternatives. How about a pair of black pants? No? But Michael Jackson had one too. A blue pants? No? A grey one? No? And so on. At last we saw Michael Jackson in the ‘This is It’ DVD wearing a pair of red pants. I […]

Wedding anniversary

Today is our second wedding anniversary.  Sometimes it feels like we’ve been together for a long time, but sometimes it feels so fresh and new. Since it’s our special day, I would like to share a short story about us. Maybe not that short. The first time we knew about each other was in 2006. He was already living and working in Japan, while I was busy with my own little life in Indonesia. That year, he often exchanged emails to a certain friend, and one day they happened to talk about books. As it turned out, that certain friend happened […]

Blue bags and the doomed fate of the birthday shirt

Remember this shirt? It’s a striped shirt that I made for my husband’s birthday a few months ago. Look at how comfortable and casual it looked. Well, the shirt has changed, in fact, it has transformed into this hideous thing! Please excuse my husband’s pose, but it was his own brilliant idea in order to present a clearer view of the deformed shape. Somehow the body of the shirt has shortened while the width is still the same. Then the armholes have shrunken so it looks like he’s wearing puffed sleeves T.T Maybe I chose the wrong fabric. But it’s […]


That’s me, standing in front of my house under the snow rain at 10:30 pm, grinning from ear to ear. You can’t blame me because it’s the first snow I’ve experienced since moving to Japan! Oh sure, I’ve had my first encounter with snow before in Suwako, but it sure feels different when the snow is there when I open my front door. Everything is so white and quiet, there’s nobody outside (of course!), but there are some footprints here and there, getting fainter while the snow is falling. The owners have gone somewhere else, but the tracks stay just for […]