Blog problem

Several readers have been having problems accessing my blog. I really don’t know what’s causing it as other people don’t seem to have it. I’ve tried cleaning up the codes to see if that might help, but the problem is still there. Maybe it has got to do with old cache of my blog. So I decided to leave blogger completely and move the whole blog to wordpress. I’m so sorry for changing things so frequently! m(_ _)m

The address is still, any links to or will be redirected to the main address.

I think wordpress give me more room and ease than blogger. I can have more pages separated from the main blog and editing the posts is far easier. I’ve also installed WPtouch plugin to make the site easier to read in iPhone. Check out how it look in iPhone. Neat, isn’t it? Yes? Yes? Errr….

Anyway, I hope this will fix the problem. Thank you always for reading my blog! (^.^)

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