Sidra in Sesame magazine – Snap 2010 edition

Last November Sidra was photographed for street style pictures by Sesame, a Japanese kid’s fashion magazine. We were having a walk in Harajuku area when they approached us and asking permission to take some pictures of Sidra.

The magazine was published this month, and it turned out to be a special edition of street snap of Japanese kid’s fashion. It was filled with pictures of kids in their trendiest outfit, taken in various area of Japan. So cute!

Here’s Sidra in one of the pages, he’s number 58.
The caption, loosely translated:
Sidra (6 years)
“Sidra in a beautifully arranged items, all handmade by mama.
The chic outfit is refined with the addition of orange accent.”

Sidra was wearing this linen jacket, denim pants, and robot bag, all made by me (*^.^*) The denim pants are actually a bit too short now, his socks are showing in the picture. He’s been growing up so fast! The hat  was thrifted in a nearby secondhand store, and it is included again in another page about hat and cap.

I showed the magazine to Sidra, telling him that he was in it. He just looked at them casually and continued eating his donut, as if there was nothing special to it. Kids!

Anyway, mama is very proud and happy and proceeding to tell everyone about the little pictures \(*O*)/

Blog problem

Several readers have been having problems accessing my blog. I really don’t know what’s causing it as other people don’t seem to have it. I’ve tried cleaning up the codes to see if that might help, but the problem is still there. Maybe it has got to do with old cache of my blog. So I decided to leave blogger completely and move the whole blog to wordpress. I’m so sorry for changing things so frequently! m(_ _)m

The address is still, any links to or will be redirected to the main address.

I think wordpress give me more room and ease than blogger. I can have more pages separated from the main blog and editing the posts is far easier. I’ve also installed WPtouch plugin to make the site easier to read in iPhone. Check out how it look in iPhone. Neat, isn’t it? Yes? Yes? Errr….

Anyway, I hope this will fix the problem. Thank you always for reading my blog! (^.^)

Stylish Dress Book 2: D (uhm, sort of)

Red topRed topI think I got the winter blues. I haven’t made a single thing since New Year! My sewing room was too cold, and then I just couldn’t get myself to start a thing. Being uncreative made me restless. Has any of you experience the same thing? Or maybe I was just getting lazier T.T

This top was supposed to be an instant gratification to coax me back into making stuff. The fabric was from a local store that I just found not far from my house. There were various fabrics, buttons and trimmings, and non-sewing knick-knacks like cups and saucers in there. Everything was old and a bit dusty, the owners were a pair of old couple, and the other customer there was an old lady. I love this little store.

The red fabric that I bought there is a bit transparent with faint brown stripes pattern. I’m not quite sure about the material, it felt like cotton with polyester mix in it.

I use pattern D from ‘Stylish Dress Book’ 2 as a base pattern for the top. I shortened the length, added a chest pocket and played a bit with cutting the pattern for the front part.

Now, this is how pattern D looked in the Stylish Dress Book 2, big and roomy. And actually that was how my top look before I washed it. It has shrunken now and looks like an oversized T-shirt. Note to self: wash the fabric BEFORE cutting it.

Fortunately, I still like it. It’s the kind of thing that I might wear often, although not in this winter time. And I enjoyed sewing it, so hopefully I will make more things after this. Be patient, my sewing machine, Mama is warming you up.
Red top

Red top Red top

Sardine necklaceSee that sardine necklace? I got it from sacaclaques’ etsy store. She makes various insects and shrimps brooch and charms from stuffed leather. As a matter of fact, I just took a look again in the shop and saw this Ladybird spider brooch. Want! My sardine was actually a brooch too, but then I sewed a loop in its mouth and added a white chain. Now it’s my new favourite necklace! \(^.^)/

Pattern is D from Stylish Dress Book 3.

Sesame photoshoot

About a week ago, Sesame magazine (a Japanese kid’s fashion magazine) contacted us and invited Sidra for a photoshoot. This is the second time Sidra had a photoshoot with them, the first one was done in Tottori, just two months after Sidra and me moved to Japan. This time, they wanted to photograph Sidra in traditional costume. So I asked my mother to send a Javanese costume set from Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Package from Jogja, Indonesia

The package came very quickly, it was wrapped in white plastic sheets, handstitched with blue plastic rope. I wonder whoever in the Jogjakarta post office with the job of handstitching those overseas packages. Actually I kinda like the package, it looks like something that I might get from an Etsy seller.

The Javanese clothes set has a long-sleeve top called surjan, made of lurik, a type of traditionally-weaved striped fabric. The headdress is called blangkon, made with batik. It was too small though, but fortunately Sidra had another blangkon that we bought last summer in Indonesia. The set also has a pair of leather slippers called selop. The bottom part is batik cloth, but it has been modified with front zipper and slit for easier wearing. Sidra was a bit hesitant when he saw it, he wondered why he had to wear a skirt like a girl (^.^;).

Anyway, I asked my sister how much the set costs, and she said that the whole set cost about $7! Well, of course the quality is nothing to be talked about, so I kinda altered it a bit, made a neater hem here and added some snap-on buttons there. But hey, it looks good!

The photo shooting was done yesterday in Sesame magazine studio, with a bit of drama because I forgot to bring the shoes and my poor husband had to go all the way home and get them. I’m so sorry, darling! Anyway, the Sesame magazine people were very nice, they added a vest, beaded necklace, and a bag to the outfit.

photoshoot for Sesame magazine

photoshoot for Sesame magazinephotoshoot for Sesame magazineI took several pictures of Sidra in the Javanese clothes when the package has just arrived, and he posed around happily. But once placed under the bright light in the Sesame studio, Sidra seemed to get shy and a bit reserved in the poses. Well, I guess there’s a big difference between getting your picture taken by your own mother  and a professional photographer. But he did his best and I was very proud of him. But of course, Mama will always be proud of her little star!  ♥♥♥(^.^)

At the end, Sidra really likes the clothes that he’s wearing it to school today. Only the top, we left the skirt part at home!

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