Iro-iro is a Japanese word for ‘a bit of this and that’ , and that’s what this post is all about. ^.^

I want to say thank you for all the comments in my last post, and also for all the emails! They mean so much to me and I’m sure that everybody has nothing but good intention.

My apology for not replying to all of the comments, but since my replies will only consists of the words ‘awww thank you’ and their alternatives, I would like to write it here.

I used to work as an editor in a magazine (Indonesian magazine), so I find language is a very interesting subject. In my family, we speak in Javanese, a native language spoken in the island of Java, and it’s really different from Indonesian and English. Javanese language doesn’t have tenses either, but it has different levels of formality, depending on whom you are talking to. Pretty confusing.

And now I live in a country with an entirely different language (and alphabetic system!). I’m slooowly learning Japanese now, and my son speaks in broken Indonesian language with lots of Japanese words inserted in between. All these languages are very interesting with all their own rules! ^.^

Now for some good news! My mini wallet tutorial is now available in French, thank you very much to Finazana who has kindly translated it. It’s now available via her blog here.

I’ve also added a list of project links in my tutorial page. If you’ve made something from my tutorials, you can share it here. Just add the title of your project and the link to it in my tutorial page here. I’m happy to see so many variations of these projects!

And this is a makeup pouch that I’ve made sometime ago. It is really very easy, so today I made a little tutorial for it and will post it sometime tomorrow.  I hope it will be useful!

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