Hello! (and some non-sewing related ramblings)

I just want to say hello and welcome to my new blog address! Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

Maybe you’ve noticed that the address of this blog has now changed to verypurpleperson. The blog is actually still hosted by Blogger, but I use the custom domain feature to redirect the visitors to my own domain.

I think it’s nice to have my own domain, as I can later change to other blogging software like WordPress if I want to. Some pages of this website, like ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ are already powered by WordPress, but I’ve customized the appearances so that all pages are looking similar although powered by different software. Uhm, sorry for this technical ramblings, but I really really love playing with these blogging software and css codes. I have various accounts on so many free blogging services under various names and love playing with them. Yes, yes, I’m a nerd. In fact, the last few days I kinda get obsessed with css codes and start having dreams where I had a giant whiteboard full of css codes before me, and I was shuffling the codes around happily.

Anyway, I’ve just got a very nice email from a kind reader, correcting the word ‘stuffs’ that I’ve used a lot. It turned out that I didn’t use this word correctly. ‘Stuffs’ is not the plural form of ‘stuff’, the word doesn’t have a plural form because it is an uncountable noun. Oh no! And I’ve mentioned the word everywhere! Please forgive my ignorance! m(_ _)m

So I think it’s a good thing that I’ve no longer used the name ‘verypurplestuffs’ for my blog. The one thing that I can’t change is my fanpage address because facebook doesn’t allow it, so I guess I don’t have any choice but to accept this.

English is such a difficult language! I’m from Indonesia, and there are no tenses in Indonesian language. Everything is in present tense and we use other words to convey the meaning better. So the sentence will go like this: “I go home tomorrow.” “I eat fish yesterday.” “I read book now.

There’s no plural form either. We simply repeat the word to make it plural, like this: “I have book-book.” “I see dog-dog in the yard.” “Child-child play in the room.” It’s really a simple language.

Now I’m going to say thank you very much for the attention to my blog, and my grammar! It is always nice to learn new things, whether they are some sewing techniques, css codes, or grammar knowledge. I hope my English can be understood so far, but I will always try to speak and write English better. Me talk pretty one day!* ^.^

(* courtesy of David Sedaris)

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