Giveaway winner!

Congratulations! As promised, today I drew the winner for my giveaway. There are more than 300 entries from the linkings, retweets, and facebook fans, and I used this random generator to draw a number.

And the winner is: thelittlegreenhouse who has became a facebook fan! Congratulations for winning my giveaway package! I will also contact the winner by email to ask for shipping address.

My dear husband finished this cute watercolour drawing last night, it depicts three hens, dressed in aprons and boots, marching. As to why and where to they are marching, well, only he knows. Sidra is staying at home today because he has a cold, so he helped me holding the watercolour drawing while I took a picture. Hope you like the drawing!

Thank you very much to everybody who has participated in my giveaway! ^.^

Three hens

Intial sketch the artist at work

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