New Year


This is a New Year card that Sidra made yesterday. The writing says: あけましておめでとうございます (akemashite omedetou gozaimasu = happy new year).

He drew a tiger’s head there because next year will be the year of the Tiger. The blue building with television antennae on the far right is our apartment building.

Tonight is the second New Year’s Eve in Japan for me and Sidra. I can’t think of more way to say about how much I love living here with my little family. This is one of the best times in my life. My old life was busy and noisy, and it strangely felt so far away from now.

I have no new year’s resolution for next year, except that I hope to continue what I’m doing now, with the two loves  of my life on each side of me ♥ ♥

Have a happy new year everyone! Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! \(^.^)/



Iro-iro is a Japanese word for ‘a bit of this and that’ , and that’s what this post is all about. ^.^

I want to say thank you for all the comments in my last post, and also for all the emails! They mean so much to me and I’m sure that everybody has nothing but good intention.

My apology for not replying to all of the comments, but since my replies will only consists of the words ‘awww thank you’ and their alternatives, I would like to write it here.

I used to work as an editor in a magazine (Indonesian magazine), so I find language is a very interesting subject. In my family, we speak in Javanese, a native language spoken in the island of Java, and it’s really different from Indonesian and English. Javanese language doesn’t have tenses either, but it has different levels of formality, depending on whom you are talking to. Pretty confusing.

And now I live in a country with an entirely different language (and alphabetic system!). I’m slooowly learning Japanese now, and my son speaks in broken Indonesian language with lots of Japanese words inserted in between. All these languages are very interesting with all their own rules! ^.^

Now for some good news! My mini wallet tutorial is now available in French, thank you very much to Finazana who has kindly translated it. It’s now available via her blog here.

I’ve also added a list of project links in my tutorial page. If you’ve made something from my tutorials, you can share it here. Just add the title of your project and the link to it in my tutorial page here. I’m happy to see so many variations of these projects!

And this is a makeup pouch that I’ve made sometime ago. It is really very easy, so today I made a little tutorial for it and will post it sometime tomorrow.  I hope it will be useful!

Hello! (and some non-sewing related ramblings)

I just want to say hello and welcome to my new blog address! Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

Maybe you’ve noticed that the address of this blog has now changed to verypurpleperson. The blog is actually still hosted by Blogger, but I use the custom domain feature to redirect the visitors to my own domain.

I think it’s nice to have my own domain, as I can later change to other blogging software like WordPress if I want to. Some pages of this website, like ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ are already powered by WordPress, but I’ve customized the appearances so that all pages are looking similar although powered by different software. Uhm, sorry for this technical ramblings, but I really really love playing with these blogging software and css codes. I have various accounts on so many free blogging services under various names and love playing with them. Yes, yes, I’m a nerd. In fact, the last few days I kinda get obsessed with css codes and start having dreams where I had a giant whiteboard full of css codes before me, and I was shuffling the codes around happily.

Anyway, I’ve just got a very nice email from a kind reader, correcting the word ‘stuffs’ that I’ve used a lot. It turned out that I didn’t use this word correctly. ‘Stuffs’ is not the plural form of ‘stuff’, the word doesn’t have a plural form because it is an uncountable noun. Oh no! And I’ve mentioned the word everywhere! Please forgive my ignorance! m(_ _)m

So I think it’s a good thing that I’ve no longer used the name ‘verypurplestuffs’ for my blog. The one thing that I can’t change is my fanpage address because facebook doesn’t allow it, so I guess I don’t have any choice but to accept this.

English is such a difficult language! I’m from Indonesia, and there are no tenses in Indonesian language. Everything is in present tense and we use other words to convey the meaning better. So the sentence will go like this: “I go home tomorrow.” “I eat fish yesterday.” “I read book now.

There’s no plural form either. We simply repeat the word to make it plural, like this: “I have book-book.” “I see dog-dog in the yard.” “Child-child play in the room.” It’s really a simple language.

Now I’m going to say thank you very much for the attention to my blog, and my grammar! It is always nice to learn new things, whether they are some sewing techniques, css codes, or grammar knowledge. I hope my English can be understood so far, but I will always try to speak and write English better. Me talk pretty one day!* ^.^

(* courtesy of David Sedaris)

Happy holiday and moving time!

It’s getting nearer to the end of another year,  and this blog has been chronicling my crafting life since almost the last 2 years I’ve been living in Tokyo. It’s time for a little change.

So my name is Novita, and my internet personality name is verypurpleperson, but my blog address is verypurplestuffs, while the title of this blog is sew i do. Pretty messy, isn’t it?

I decided to streamline the whole thing a bit and move this blog to my own domain at I think it’s nice to have a brand new address to begin a new year. The move will be happening in the next few days, some glitch may happen and the blog might be down for sometime (I hope not). All my old posts and comments will be moved too to the new address. The appearance of the blog will still be the same, only the address is changed.

I have to apologize to anyone who has linked to this blogspot address. You don’t have to update the link immediately because once I’ve moved, the blogspot address will redirect any visitor to my new address, so your link will still work. But I will really appreciate if you decide to update it later ^.^

If you’re a follower of this blog, you will still get my blog updates. But if you subscribe from a feed reader, you might want to check later to see whether the feed is for the new address. My feed address is at and this feed will still be retained for the new address. If you’ve subscribed to this feed, then you will still get my blog updates.

This year has been a wonderful year for me, and I hope next year will be as wonderful.

♥ ♥ ♥ Have a happy holiday everyone! And see you next year! ♥ ♥ ♥

Reversible jumper dress

This is another dress that I made for TokyoMade Market. The orange and green fabric is called songket, a type of traditional fabric from Sumatra, Indonesia, featuring hand-woven cotton with gold threads inserted in specific areas to create the intricate pattern.

This songket fabric used to be worn by my mother in several occasion when I was little. My mother used it as sarong, a type of lower garment from uncut cloth. The fabric was quite old and the gold threads were pulled in several areas, I unpicked the seamline and opened the fabric back to its original rectangle shape. But then I still had no idea what to make of it.

Then I found this nice fabric with round shapes on yellow to orange gradation in a local fabric store here. The round shapes actually has gold outlines, so I incorporate the orange fabric with the vintage songket to make a reversible jumper dress.
Reversible jumper dressReversible jumper dress

Reversible jumper dressReversible jumper dress
The method of making the dress is basically the same as my gold dots dress, with different bodice part. I added a pair of long ties on the front part, so the lapels can be left open or tied together. All the topstitchings are done in gold threads. The songket has different pattern on them, some part has green and orange checks, the other side has lots of gold threads pattern on it. So I had to move my pattern pieces around to find the most suitable combination. It was kinda difficult because the songket fabric was not too much to begin with, and there were already some damaged areas on it. But when I finally succeeded, I love love love love it!

Reversible jumper dressReversible jumper dressReversible jumper dressReversible jumper dress

Reversible jumper dressReversible jumper dress

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