Month: November 2009

Happy birthday to me and a giveaway! – CLOSED

I was given the name Novita because I was born in the month of November. Actually I was born on the last day of November, so tomorrow is my birthday and it’s a perfect reason to make another giveaway! \(^.^)/ The winner will get a package of these prizes: 1. a zippered pencil pouch in Echino by Etsuko Furuya fabric 2. a matching mini wallet in Echino by Etsuko Furuya fabric 3. a pair of these cute Matryoshkas. 4. a set of Matryoshka 2010 sticker calendar. 5. a surprise original watercolour drawing from my dear husband (^.^) Here’s what you […]

Circle scarf and bow brooch

It’s about time to warm up my knitting needles again. I started knitting this scarf about two days ago while waiting for Sidra in his swimming class. This scarf is knitted on double pointed needle size 15 JPN/6.5 mm and only utilized K1P1 ribbing stiches, no eyelets, fancy lace, etc, because it seemed that my knitting skill has gone back to zero. The yarn is Puppy Maurice wool yarn in sort of blue-green-beige colour. It’s finished today and then I knitted a little bow brooch from the leftover, again only using K1P1 ribbing stitches. The whole result is a little […]

Sidra got caught by street style hunter in Harajuku

My husband had to work for a half day last Saturday, his office is not far from Harajuku area, so Sidra and me went along and we had a little walk by ourselves in Omotesando Hills. Suddenly there was a guy came to us and told me that he wanted to photograph Sidra for a street style section in a kid’s fashion magazine. I asked Sidra about it and he agreed, so we went with him to meet the photographer. Standing beside the photographer was a familiar face, it was the editor of Sesame magazine that we met last year […]

Cotton tunics

These are the cotton tunics that I made last week. I really love the natural colour of the fabric and how comfortable they feel to my skin. The shape of the tunic is very simple, sort of basic item that can be combined with lots of things. The tunic has round neckline and front opening with fabric loop and button. I use cotton linen binding strips for the loop and neckline. The linen fabric also used as side tab and details on sleeves. Love the result! And don’t they look good together? ^.^

Maikeru Jakuson

Sidra: Mama, when I grow up, I wanna be Maikeru Jakuson! Mama: Oh? That’s good. Why do you wanna be like Michael Jakson? Sidra: Because he’s a great dancer! Sidra: Ma, which one is greater, Maikeru Jakuson or Obama? Mama: Uh… well… they’re different. I don’t think we can compare them. Sidra: What can Obama do? Mama: Obama? Let’s see… what can he do? He’s smart, he’s the president of USA. Sidra: Is that it? Can he dance? Mama: Well, I don’t think he can dance. Sidra: Then Maikeru Jakuson is the greater one! Sidra: Ma, how many Maikeru Jakuson […]

Making identical things

I love making identical things with slight differences between each other. But of course this opportunity doesn’t come very often if I only made things for myself. Next week I’m going to participate in a local craft market, so I’m kinda busy preparing some things for the day. This fabric with Matryoshka pattern was bought in Nippori, but I guess they’re pretty famous already and can be found in lots of places. I just sewed a piece of lace on each doll, put linen fabric on the back, slip some grosgrain ribbons, and sewed around the doll shape. Then I […]

Colorful small things

A few days ago I went to Cottonfield, a fabric store in Kichijoji, and found this pretty fabric. I’m sure that this Echino prints by Etsuko Furuya is quite famous already. The fabric featured retro-inspired airplane images, stripes and polka dot patterns in pretty colours combined together . I turned the fabric into into several mini wallets and a zippered pencil pouch for the shop. Actually there were two pouches, but I had to keep one of them for my colored pens. And this one is mine ^.^