(Another) Striped T-shirt

(Another) striped T-shirt

It has been quite sometime since I made clothes for my husband. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about it, I want to make many things for him, but it’s that he doesn’t need any more clothes that he already has now. He takes care of his clothes and of course he doesn’t grow up quickly like Sidra that he always need some new clothes.

I made him this jacket for his last birthday. He still wears it and it still look as good as new. I was thinking of making another jacket or a pair of pants, but then I decided to make a long-sleeved T-shirt because that is something that he would wear often. I’ve made him a long-sleeved T-shirt before, and it’s one of his favourite.

Striped T-shirt
The T-shirt is made from organic cotton knit. It’s very comfortable because the fabric was intended for babies ( bought in the section for babies’ fabric). I finished the neckline with bindings, not very neat though. The sleeves and hem are finished in simple zigzag stitches.

I made my own label from a piece of linen fabric, stamped with fabric ink pad. The stamp that I used came as a big piece of rubber stamps with all the letters. I just cut my selected letters and put it on a cork to make my own stamp.

The word ‘Pretty World’ is from a song by Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 that he gave to me before we met. And that’s how my world is since then.

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  • Aw, aren’t you nice :o) I have made my fella a few things over the years but nothing lately, I should really do a project for him soon… but the mens, they do seem to be able to get by with far fewer clothes than we ladies!

  • Lia

    I'm sure it's a handsome world for him too 🙂

  • Eva Marie Sutter

    This is so romantic! Great job and like everyone else, I love the stamped label!

  • verypurpleperson

    Thank you everyone! My husband said that the shirt is very comfortable, so I'm pretty glad ^.^

    Jo, I bought the alphabet stamps in Okadaya, a fabric/craft store in Shinjuku area, but they are pretty easy to find here in Japan. It's part of the school necessity. Maybe you can try looking for them at etsy.com ^.^

  • Jo

    OMG nice t-shirt! And you guys are so sweet…><

    May I ask where you get the alphabet stamps?? i wanna get a set too!!!

  • Dissolved Girl

    Love the t-shirt. It looks so comfy. I have been trying to get motivated to sew my other half some clothing but I keep making stuff for me instead! hehehe…. Maybe for Christmas.

  • Karin

    The shirt looks great on him. And that comment about how the world is pretty since you met him….. That's really sweet. I guess you are both very lucky to have eachother.

  • Salihan

    WOW! That t-shirt looks very comfortable! And I'm totally impressed by the determination you must have had to sew a jacket for your husband! Looks wonderful. -me@salihan.com