Learning Japanese

I often got questions regarding those Japanese pattern books that I’ve used. It seems that a lot of people who want to try those cute patterns are having second thoughts because they can’t understand Japanese.

Well, I’ve been living in Japan for a little more than 1.5 years now, and still can’t speak nor read any Japanese. Fortunately my husband is quite good with his Japanese, so it makes our life much much easier. He can deal with those paperworks and check on Sidra’s homework. While I deal with, uh, other matters.

But I’ve never asked my husband to translate the Japanese pattern books for me. I find them quite easy to understand even without the knowledge of the language. There are always lots of drawings and diagrams, which and which parts to sew first and so on. I especially love tracing the confusing lines from the pattern sheet. It’s sort of like a puzzle game.

Outside the sewing room, I have no choice but to rely on my (very) little Japanese and a lot of gestures to communicate. On the other hand, Sidra has begun to speak in Japanese just a month after he got here. He spent less than a year in a Japanese-speaking kindergarten and is now in first grade of a Japanese public school. And after 1.5 years, he now speaks, reads, and writes in Japanese. Oh how I envy him! I guess young children just absorb all the language from their surroundings like sponge to water. Now I can ask him to read the menu or the signs when we go eating out and shopping. Yes, I’m a lazy mom.

I know I have to catch up with the language, enrolling in a course or something. Yes, yes, yes, I have to! Oh, I’m sooo lazy. Meanwhile, this is an (failed) attempt of Sidra trying to teach me some Japanese f(^_^) 

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