Month: May 2009

Art bag

I finally finished Sidra’s art bag! Of course I could have bought an art bag with a set of drawing equipments inside it already, but that wouldn’t be fun. So I made the bag, and my husband picked a selection of drawing equipments to fill the bag. Well, that’s our idea of fun. Anyway, the pattern is based loosely on a tutorial found in a Japanese pattern book, but I make it wider, add more pockets, straps, and other details. The fabric is striped cotton/linen, green stripes for the outside and red stripes for the inside. I quilted the whole […]

White dress

I was in the sewing room, about to finish Sidra’s art bag, when I saw this white Indian cotton lying around. I’ve used some of it to make a hat and it was still about 1 metre left. And suddenly I had the urge to make this white dress. The pattern is basically the same as this purple dress with hood , sans hood and sleeves. I put 4 buttons on the bust and added a pair of big pocket. The neckline and armholes are finished with ready-made double-gauze binding strips. Love this quick and easy project!

Purple dress and white hat

Now I should be making something else, a bag for Sidra’s art equipments, but I’ve been to 2 local fabric stores and didn’t find any suitable fabrics. Those unsuccesful trips resulted in purchase of other not so necessarily things, like these purple and white cotton fabrics. I guess Sidra has to wait for his bag next week, Mama’s being selfish today. The purple dress is very simple, I used a basic bodice block to make the upper part. The lower parts are just 2 rectangles the width of the fabric, The front rectangle is cut in half for the opening. […]

Linen jacket and pants

It’s getting warmer now and Sidra doesn’t need to wear thick jacket anymore. But I think he still needs a thin jacket because sometimes it’s quite windy around here. The fabrics are bought from a nearby store, they are linen, pre-cut to 50 cm. I need two pieces for the jacket, and one for the pants, with almost no leftover (love this!). The jacket uses the same pattern as this navy jacket , but I didn’t put any lining for this one; at the end, they look entirely different. What a big difference some linings make! The pants have no […]