I’d rather sew

I feel like I haven’t sewed anything for months, then I looked at my blog and found out that my last project was only a little more than 2 weeks ago. But it is sure felt like a long time because I’ve been feeling so uncreative these last few days, and I really don’t like feeling that way.

To coax myself back into making things, I tried to make this little recycle project. This T-shirt was bought for ¥100 in a secondhand shop, I rather like the seventies feeling of it. But it was a bit too tight on me and it also turned out to have little holes on the hem. Basically I just chopped it off and used the pieces to make a new T-shirt for Sidra, nothing too fancy. I used a T-shirt pattern from a Japanese pattern book.

Well, I think it looks nice, Sidra got a new T-shirt, and at least I feel better about myself

Pattern is from simple+one.

Lunch set etc

Lunch set etc
Sidra will start having lunch at school next week, so I finished his lunch set yesterday and made some other things as well.

The hand towels are actually one piece of long towel that was bought in 100 yen store. I cut it in two and finished the raw edges, then I sewed a rectangle of fabric and linen ribbon on the corner.

The lunch set is consisted of a lunch bag, pouch for cup, and lunch mat. I ran out of linen ribbon for the string, so I tea-dyed some white cotton ribbon to achieve similar result.

The school requires the students to bring tissue and handkerchief everyday, so I made a tissue pouch and 4 handkerchiefs from leftover fabrics. I also made a face mask for Sidra to wear when he has a cold or cough.
Lunch set etc

All his stuffs are labelled with iron-on fabric labels. Initially I tried using pre-cut iron-on labels, but it was so difficult finding the right position for the printer. So I just printed the labels to an A4 size iron-on fabric and cut them individually. I think this is more practical, since I can make the labels in the size I need.

Everything is finished now! Yay!

Collarless boy’s suit and bags for shogakko (elementary school)

Shogakko ceremony suit
Sidra is going to elementary school this month and there are tons of things to prepare. The school requires the student to have a lesson bag for their art and crafts stuffs, another bag for uwabaki (slippers to use at school), and yet another type of bag for lunch set. I’ve been planning to make all of them myself and also a suit for Sidra to wear at the opening ceremony.

The fabrics had been bought since a month ago, but as usual when faced with a deadline, I usually got lazy and keep postponing things until the last minute. As a result, I suddenly found myself with only 4 days to finish all the stuffs.

Shogakko ceremony suitThe pattern for the collarless suit is from a Japanese pattern book, I had to alter it a bit to suit Sidra’s height.

To make my life a bit more complicated, the pants feature a pair of front pleats and fly zipper which I’ve never tried to make before. All Sidra’s pants that I’ve made before always use elastics on waist.

The jacket is fully lined, has back and sleeves slits and has all the hems blanket-stitched like a real suit. All these new techniques are so exciting! Despite all the difficulties with all the techniques, I managed to finish the suit in two days and I’m so pleased with the result.

Lesson bag and shoes bag
I usually don’t sew on Saturday, but this time I had no choice. My husband took Sidra to Ueno to see some kind of exhibition about dinosaurs so I could have the whole Saturday to sew the bags. I want the bags to be simple and not so colorful, so I only use blue and beige colors in different pattern.

Both of the bags are fully lined with polkadot fabric and have outer pockets. I also use magnetic closure on the lesson bag and put a pocket inside. There are still some leftovers bag tags from Sidra’s birthday gifts, so I put them on bags and put his name on it. By the time the boys came home, I’ve finished both bags, with addition of a pair of hand towels.

Lesson bag and shoes bag

On Sunday, my husband took me out of the sewing room and we went picnic to a nearby park. My back is aching and my wrists are sore but I’m so happy. Thankfully, the first week on the school is still half-day, the kids won’t be having lunch at school yet. That means: I can postpone making the lunch set until a week from now.

Suit pattern is from the book 女の子と男の子のかわいい制服―受験服から礼服まで