Short scarf

Short argosy scarf
I’ve used this pattern to make a long grey scarf from 3 skeins of wool tweed yarn. There’s something about the pattern that makes knitting it very enjoyable, so I wanted to make another. This time I make a short scarf from one skein of Noro silk garden lite yarn, knitted with 4 mm needles. It took quite some time because me and Sidra got sick and all, but finally I finished it! After washing and blocking, the scarf became softer and quite comfortable to the skin.

I’m kinda satisfied with this pretty little thing, and as it is short and lacy, I think it’s more suitable for warmer time. But I didn’t make it for me, soon it’ll be sent away and I hope it’ll brighten someone’s day over there!

On the other hand, I just found out two things. One, I love knitting scarves. Since they’re basically just a piece of flat thing, they’re perfect for exercising different stitches, color, and texture.

Two, I love making gifts. They make me feeling less guilty about making too many things that will otherwise overfill the house. And I think they have bigger chance of being worn than if they all stay in my wardrobe. After all, I only have one body to dress up. Oh, and a bonus, making people happy is always great!

Scarf pattern is Argosy by Vyvyan Neel.

Time flies

Family picture
It’s our wedding anniversary today and we went someplace nice to celebrate it.
Can’t believe it has been already a year since the day ^.^
Room with a view Snow-sliding

Featured in German Burda Modemagazin!

Featured in Burda modemagazin!
A few months ago, I got an email from Burdastyle that they wanted to feature this ‘Sailor-collar jacket and wide-legged pants’ in the German fashion sewing magazine, Burda mode, for a section about fashionable kids creation. So I sent them the picture as requested.

This morning, Burdastyle sent me two scanned pages of the magazine in which the sailor jacket is being featured. It’s in Burda Modemagazin, 2/2009 edition. There it is, my son in the page of a German magazine!

The text says:
“Novita Estitis Junior-Seemannsoutfit ist zwar nicht berufsbindend, aber auf jeden Fall professionel kleidsam.”

I don’t know what it means, but I’m sure thrilled!

Bather bunny brooch

The problem with having a kid in the house is you get a lot of outgrown clothes in such a short time. I can give them away if the conditions are still good, and use the stained ones as rags. But there’s still too many of them, and I don’t need that much of rags either.

So today I made an experiment with one of Sidra’s shirt. I cut it into long strip of fabric, about 1.5 cm in width, and crocheted it into a circle using 10 mm hook.

Bather bunny brooch
Then I took an acrylic drawing that my husband made sometime ago. Here’s the link to his drawing. It is a reinterpretation of a Renoir painting, ‘Bather with crossed legs’, but he turned it into a bather bunny. Yeah, he’s weird like that. With his permission, I printed the drawing to a sheet of iron-on special fabric and ironed it to a piece of muslin. Then I just sewed it to another fabric, with some quilt batting between them.

I sewed the crochet circle to the bunny, tucking the frayed edges under the circle, and sewed a safety pin on the back of the brooch. Voila!

Now we have fun with the pictures.
Bather bunny brooch 

Apron and bandanna set

Apron and bandanna set
Before leaving kindergarten and entering entering elementary school next April, Sidra and his classmates will cook lunch for the whole school next week. For this occasion, the kids have to wear apron and bandanna which have to be submitted to school by tomorrow.

I didn’t have the chance to buy fabrics because I still got the flu, so I pulled out some leftover from past projects and made this set. The fabric is dark denim (leftover from this dress) and some linen/cotton with red stripes on it (leftover from this bag).

Instead of using ties, the apron bands are attached by a pair of buttons on the side. I think it’ll be easier for Sidra to put it on by himself. The letters on the apron are made of red felt with adhesive backing. I print some letters on paper, attached them upside down to the backing of the red felt and cut it out. Then I peeled off the backing and just stick and iron the letters on the apron.

Apron and bandanna set

The bandanna doesn’t need to be tied either, I put some elastic to the band so Sidra can just slip it on. I also made a small bag in coordinating fabric to carry the apron and bandanna. As usual, Sidra wants his helmet beetles (kabuto-mushi) everywhere, so there’s one on the apron, one on the bandanna, and one on the bag.

For a leftovers project, I guess they turned out not bad at all.