New knitter in the house!

I’m so happy to announce that we have a new knitter in the house! We were having a look around Okadaya, a fabrics and yarn store in Shinjuku area, and after looking at all those beautiful yarns, I think my husband couldn’t resist to learn knitting. He tried it out as soon as we got home and manage to do his first rows of scarf. Yay!

He’s been knitting for 5 days now, and already bought more yarns for his upcoming projects. My husband admits having a ‘strange sensation’ when knitting, somewhat similar to the sensation he feels when programming (he’s a computer programmer). Knitting is the perfect pastime for geeks!

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  • LOL! I just can’t stop laughing. But I love the idea of your “new knitter” boy. hehe ^^

  • yoshimi

    Wow! It’s great that we can welcome a new knitter in this world! I know the feeling he described, and it’s all the same to me (I’m not a programmer though)!

  • mscleaverchronicles

    I love the “edge of your seat” knitting photo at the end of the post. Looks like he’s really into it! I don’t think my husband will ever take up knitting, but my brother enjoys it! I’m always up for more knitters in the world.

  • Karencilla

    I agree with Christina, I really tried knitting.. didn’t work!
    YAY for the new knitter!

  • Christina

    Wow I give him a lot of credit. That’s very tidy knitting. I tried knitting once…and have NO patience for it!