Face wash puff

The pattern is actually for a bath puff, but I made it smaller for washing my face with. It is made of organic cotton yarn, crocheted double-yarn with a 10 mm hook. The original pattern calls for 4 round, but I only did until second row, then replaced the third row with all single crochets into the chain 1 space.

The pattern was confusing me at first, but when I don’t really understand, I just start doing it and it usually get figured out along the way. So that was what I did, and it turned out pretty quick! Finished it in about an hour.

I used it last night to wash my face (Shiseido – Tiss cleansing oil followed by Shiseido – Perfect whip cleansing foam). It cleans perfectly and it’s also washable. No more disposable cotton puffs from now on!

Pattern is Bath Puff by Priscilla Hewitt, found from Ravelry .
Direct link to pattern is here.

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