very orange person

very orange person
Now that I know that Japanese knitting needles size are different than US needles, I finally use them for my first ‘proper’ knitting!

My husband likes the color orange and he wants a scarf with stripes of orange on it, so I made it with these super bulky orange and beige yarn and JP15/6.6 mm knitting needles. The yarn is a mix of nylon and wool and it has different widths on it, creating some interesting bumpy texture to the scarf. I knitted it in simple stockinette stitches, so the scarf kinda rolls into a tube.

To complement the scarf, I also made a hat with Noro yarn and JP8/4.5 mm double-pointed needles. The yarn is a mix of wool, mohair, and silk and has some kind of rough texture on it that I really like.

My husband loves his orange stuffs, and I think I might borrow them once in a while.

Hat pattern is Turn A Square by Jared Flood, found from Ravelry.

Donguri hat

Donguri hat
Excuse my model, he just woke up this morning when I wanted to take these pictures.

Crocheted with very chunky wool yarn and 10 mm needle hooks, the pattern is actually for a hat with earflaps. But as it was being crocheted, the hat slowly turned to the shape of donguri (acorn) in my eyes, so I decided not to make the flaps and put some chained strings instead. I also added a chained loop on top of the hat. It kinda looks like a tea cozy when not being worn, but once on the head, I think it looks cute. It was also crocheted very fast, I only needed an hour to finish it.

Pattern is Chunky Earflap Hat by LuvCrochet, found from Ravelry.
Direct link to pattern is

Winter cape

Winter cape
The school requires that the children should wear school smock to school and any jacket or coat should be taken off before entering the schoolbus. That is why I decided to make a cape for Sidra because it can be easily taken off once the bus is coming.

Sidra has specifically requested something with green fur for his coat, so I bought half a metre of this green fur to use as a lining for the black wool. The pattern is an alteration from Sidra’s navy jacket. The cape also has two slits for hands and a pair of pockets. The fur makes it a bit thick so I use three big hooks instead of buttons for closure.

But on the first day wearing the cape, it still took a long time before Sidra entered the bus school because he was busy showing it off to the sensei who picked him up. He excitedly pointed to his cape and said: “Mama tsukuta” (Mama made it), while the sensei and the bus driver smiled patiently; and me smiling sheepishly to them.

Face wash puff

The pattern is actually for a bath puff, but I made it smaller for washing my face with. It is made of organic cotton yarn, crocheted double-yarn with a 10 mm hook. The original pattern calls for 4 round, but I only did until second row, then replaced the third row with all single crochets into the chain 1 space.

The pattern was confusing me at first, but when I don’t really understand, I just start doing it and it usually get figured out along the way. So that was what I did, and it turned out pretty quick! Finished it in about an hour.

I used it last night to wash my face (Shiseido – Tiss cleansing oil followed by Shiseido – Perfect whip cleansing foam). It cleans perfectly and it’s also washable. No more disposable cotton puffs from now on!

Pattern is Bath Puff by Priscilla Hewitt, found from Ravelry .
Direct link to pattern is here.

His and his long-sleeved shirts

His and his long-sleeved shirts
The fabric was bought in Nippori, in another fabric shopping trip with Yoshimi about 10 days ago. It’s a transparent knit fabric in beige colour, very soft and comfortable. I really like the fabric that I also bought another one in grey.

I turned the fabric into these long-sleeved shirts for Sidra and my husband. The necklines are a bit wider than usual, and the neckline and bottom of the sleeves are finished in the similar way as my husband’s striped shirt (unfinished and zig-zag stitched).

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