When you picked up your kids at the bus stop.

Sometimes you have to be prepared for things that happened at school (like a forehead being accidentally hit by a giant lego block).

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  • Karencilla

    Wow how brave!
    oh well, what would be childhood without scars and those little accidents?

  • verypurpleperson

    Hi Karen!
    Well, you know how kindergarten kids are (especially boys!). One kid throwing those giant lego blocks and it accidentally hit Sidra’s forehead. But he didn’t cry when it happened, he said, “Momma, I didn’t cry because I’m strong.” And now he’s kinda proud of that bandage 😛

  • Karencilla

    Ohhh poor Sidra! How did it happen?? even like that he looks really cute. And i loooove M&M too!